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How did you get your start at NYSERDA?

I heard about NYSERDA through a friend and was looking for an interesting opportunity after graduating from college. I wanted to work under CPAs & learn from them, and I was interested in the energy field. After learning about NYSERDA’s mission, and all the great things it was doing throughout the State, it seemed to be a good match and a very noble cause to be a part of.

What attracted you to this type of work?

Charlie Luke

Charlie Luke

I graduated from Siena College and received a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which was a particular interest of mine and tied into my business orientation. I found the education at Siena to be very well-rounded and useful and felt that my education and skills were very marketable in a number of areas.

I also like to see when things balance out – it’s a very tangible result and I derive great satisfaction from seeing those checks and balances.

What are your primary work duties?

In my role as a financial analyst, I’m responsible for assisting in the preparation and maintenance of the Authority’s operating budget and maintaining the budgets of various funding sources under which NYSERDA operates. In addition, I interact with and provide guidance to my colleagues throughout NYSERDA related to the budgeting process and funding sources. I’m also responsible for a variety of internal and external reports and in the preparation of financial statements. While I’m transitioning out of the day-to-day processing of payroll, I remain involved in the oversight of payroll.

Recently, I’ve been trained as an Empire Belt with the NYS Lean Program. I attended a two-day boot camp on how to look at problems and apply different methodologies to projects like value stream mapping to see where problems and bottlenecks exist and ways to overcome them. In this role, I’ll be assigned various projects that will be going through the LEAN process to help the Authority work smarter, decrease cycle time and increase productivity and efficiency.

What do you enjoy most about your role at NYSERDA?

After being with NYSERDA for over nine years, my day still flies by, I have a variety of things to do and I am never bored.

At its core though, NYSERDA is made up of awesome people. I’ve had the pleasure of working with two wonderful managers who have helped me learn so much.

In my role, I’m lucky to be in contact with so many of our employees and get the chance to help them solve their problems and provide valuable customer service.

What are you most proud of professionally and personally?

Professionally, I’m proud of the development and growth that has been afforded to me at NYSERDA. I started out as a Finance Aid and have worked my way up my current role as a Financial Analyst.

Personally, I’m proud of my marriage to my lovely wife Alison, who is an elementary school teacher. We’ll be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary in July. We’re also very lucky to enjoy time together during the summer in Lake George with our family.

What are some thing people don’t know about you?

I’m a huge trivia fan and I am contemplating trying out for Jeopardy. I was also a two-time New York State gymnastics champion on the floor exercise in high school.