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As part of our National Drive Electric Week efforts, we sat down with NYSERDA project manager Adam Ruder to learn how New York is encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

How many electric vehicles currently are on the road in New York State?

According to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, there are currently more than 10,000 EVs registered in New York. Of these, about 75% are plug-in hybrids (run on electricity, then on gasoline when that runs out) and 25% are all-electric vehicles (only run on electricity).

How many electric vehicle charging stations are in New York State?

Adam Ruder

Adam Ruder

We recently surpassed 1,000 charging stations in the State. They are located all over the State, from Buffalo to the North Country to Long Island. To locate a charging station in New York, you can visit this alternative fueling station locator.

Where are some common places to find charging stations?

There are publicly accessible charging stations at all kinds of locations, such as retail stores, hotels, parks, parking garages, and hospitals. There also are stations at workplaces for employees and multifamily buildings for residents. Many EV drivers have charging stations at their homes, but you also can charge a car using a regular 110 volt outlet.

Where should people go for information on electric vehicles?

We’re going to be launching a new New York State EV website shortly with a lot of information about EVs in New York State, but for now you can look at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center.

What is one fun fact about electric vehicles in New York State?

There are EVs registered in every county in New York State, but Suffolk County on Long Island has the most.

Do you drive an EV? 

Not yet, but I’m in the market for one. I’ve driven a bunch of different models, and people will be surprised to know how much acceleration they have and how well they handle. They’re fun cars to drive, and I can’t wait to get mine!

Where is the EV industry heading in the next five years?

Battery technology is improving quickly. In five years there will be a lot more models with longer electric range and lower prices. I think that in New York State, plug-in hybrids will still be the majority of the market because of our climate – it’s nice to have that gasoline backup on cold days (when battery range is often reduced).