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Follow #NYSERDAmandaNYSFair to catch a glimpse of our New York State Fair adventures.

Our very own Amanda is headed to the New York State Fair this week and she’s inviting you to come along with her.

Amanda will be catching up with New York State agencies, nonprofit and private sector partners at the fair to highlight the State’s effort to be more green. Stay tuned for interesting stats and how, by working collectively, the State is having an impact on the clean energy economy. Since fairs are about fun, expect to also see a glimpse of other fabulous happenings including the best agriculture our State has to offer.

Following along is easy. Just use #NYSERDAmandaNYSFair on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to see what she’s up to!

If you’re actually going to the fair, be sure to visit us at Booth #1002 in the Center for Progress building for more information on Renewable Heat and Home Energy assessments.